A little about Alison!

I am originally from California and moved to the Smokey Mountains back in 2009 after I graduated high school. In July 2022, my family and I packed up a 12 foot trailer and made the drive across the country. We are now located in Carson City, Nevada.

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Addison, since November 5, 2011, and he has been my number one supporter in this adventure of a photographer. We have three beautiful children, Andrew, Anakin, and Alizabeth. (Yes, we all have "A" names) Besides my love for photography, I run on coffee and have a HUGE Disney and Universal obsession. I'm also a Ravenclaw and a book enthusiast.

Not only am I a photographer, a wife, and a mom, I am also a Travel Advisor. I started my Travel Advisor journey just a few months after starting my photography journey. I started working both businesses as a hobby, and now work both full time.

Fun fact, Alison Shane Photography was not the first name of this business. When I started this journey seven years ago, it was AS Captured. It was a play on my first and middle name, Alison Shane. I also didn't want to have photography in the name either because I wanted to be different. So why the change? After being in the business for five years, I realized that I have changed. I felt like I grew up, I went from being an amateur to a professional. Sometimes it's hard for people to see the growth and can't see past the starting phases, so I went through a whole rebrand.

​Many people ask me how I got into photography. I've always had an interest, but never in a million years thought that I would be running my own business. My mother in law was starting her own photography business and I would be her assistant and second shooter. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away in 2015. A few months before she passed away she was unable to continue photography and encouraged me to keep going and AS Captured was born. *Now Alison Shane Photography* Photography has become my passion and I do it in memory of her.

Owner of Alison Shane Photography
Alison Shane Photography Family
Alison Shane Photography taking Client Calls
Alison Shane Photography Kids
Alison Shane Photography couple
Alison Shane Photography at a coffee shop
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Alison Shane Photography laughing

Photos by Alaina Rene Photography